Service Control Dispute Newsletter April Edition 2

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Ballot papers for the Service Control Dispute are being prepared!

Hammersmith SCC

London Underground has finally supplied RMT with projected figures for Hammersmith SCC. These figures confirm a 50% cut for all Service Operators and Service Controllers Level 1 & 2, which will now all be rebranded to Area Controllers and Regional Controllers. All staff will have to apply for positions in the new control room, that includes management!

  • All scacs will have to apply for hammersmith scc
  • All service managers will have to apply for hammersmith scc
  • All service controlers will have to apply for hammersmith scc
  • All service operators will have to apply for hammersmith scc
  • All line information specialists will have to apply for hammersmith scc
  • Attendance checking will be used for this application process. RMT has not agreed to this!.

Vote YES to save your job..!

We want a fair process for all staff to have a position in their chosen location and a protected salary.

Grade Current Staff Decreased by Hammersmith
Service Manager 21 33% 14
Service Controller L2 61 50% 30
All Service Operators and Service Controller L1 160 50% 77
LIS 19 15% 16


  1. The Victoria Line Management are twisting original agreements to leave RMT members being displaced from Osborne House & Coburg Street.
  2. Management still fail to confirm they will not reduce Jubilee Neasden SCC numbers after TBTC settles in and after the Olympics.
  3. Management after having accepted that SO3 rate of pay should be for all staff in 2 cabins are still dragging their feet paying up.
  4. A number of ex apprentices are still on rolling secondments in signal cabins and management still refuse to take back one apprentice they have thrown on stations. Management claim they have resolved this
    but have still not offered permanent contracts to all members of staff.
  5. Management are still not filling vacancies across service control despite protest from the union.. Stratford Market Depot, Baker St, Harrow, Rayners Lane, Rickmansworth, Met Reserve to name a few.

P L U S :

  1. Baker Street SCL1 Rate of Pay
  2. Hammersmith Cabin Grading
  3. Olympic Payments for Service Control
  4. Breakdown of Machinery with management
  5. Management breaking previous agreements


    The next service control meeting is on Wednesday 16th May - 12.30 on PAY DAY at Conference Room 1, RMT HQ, Unity House, 39 Chalton Street. Closest Tubes are Euston & Kings Cross.