RMTv: Reinstate Arwyn and Eamonn

The RMT have released a video following the decision to ballot members to get our sacked reps, Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas reinstated.

RMT is balloting for industrial action at London Underground over the victimisation of drivers and union reps Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.

Eamonn has an unblemished 15 year service record on the Underground and has been very clearly victimized for his role as an RMT activist despite management's bogus claims that they sacked him following an "operational incident."

Arwyn Thomas, a long-standing RMT activist and driver at Morden is facing trumped-up disciplinary charges following unproven allegations made against him by strike breakers. Arwyn has been an RMT/NUR member for over 29 years and has held various positions in the union. RMT is in no doubt at all that he is being victimised for his trade union activities. Both have won their "interim relief" Employment Tribunal before a full tribunal.

Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser for the London Transport Region said "[This] film which tells the story of the outrageous and unlawful sackings of our reps Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch. Interim relief hearings have already found in favour of our reps and said in no uncertain terms that they have been sacked for trade union activities.

LUL have refused to reinstate them and even when an employment tribunal demands reinstatement employers do not have to comply. LUL will gladly pay compensation to get rid of our reps but this will be the green light for them to sack even more reps and destroy trade union organization. Therefore our only option is to ballot all our drivers to show lul that we will not sit idly by whilst they conduct a campaign of victimization against the RMT.

The ballot process has been initiated and I urge you all to return a resounding yes vote for strike action, this unfortunately is the only way to make LUL listen."

Watch this and many more videos at RMTv.