RMTV: Keep Whitechapel Ticket Office Open

On July 15, 2013 RMT organised a demonstration at Whitechapel Underground station to campaign against the proposed closure of the ticket office at this station. RMT general secretary Bob Crow joined those demonstrating and spoke to RMTv.

TUBE UNION RMT today pledged to step up the fight to defend ticket offices on London Underground with an all-out battle over the threat to the service at Whitechapel in East London.

The RMT has registered its strong opposition to plans to remove the ticket office from Whitechapel station during the process of rebuilding the station for it to be served by Crossrail. The plans totally ignore the fact that the station serves an area which includes a busy market and a major hospital. The area is also known for its diverse local population, many of whom need to access staff support at an open ticket office rather than rely on ticket-issuing machines – machines that are vulnerable to vandalism.

The video is filmed and edited by Andrew Brattle. You can watch many more videos like this at www.rmtv.org.uk

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