RMT tells LU: do not discipline Sister Kyei-Donokoh or we will be in dispute

21st of March 2019

"if any disciplinary sanction whatsoever is given to sister Kyei-Donokoh at her CDI outcome tomorrow a dispute will exist"


That we note the decision of Yesterday’s reps meeting regarding the appalling treatment by the company of sister Sophie Kyei-Donokoh, who after being abused by
a repeat offending member of the public, has been put through a sham of the disciplinary procedure on a Gross Misconduct charge by the company.

It is astounding that in despite of the situation regarding assaults on our station staff and other members; which has been recently documented all over the media; and despite the various issues being raised with management; and despite the company’s own reports into workplace violence and their attendance at Tuesday’s high level workplace violence summit, that this charge is still being pursued against our victimised sister!

We instruct the General Secretary to inform London Underground immediately that if any disciplinary sanction whatsoever is given to sister Kyei-Donokoh at her CDI
outcome tomorrow a dispute will exist between our two organisations. Further; we instruct the General Secretary to collate a dossier of all similar cases
occurring over the last 6 months by writing to LU branches, obtaining branch surveys, workplace violence reports and any other relevant data.

Enough is enough; we will not tolerate our stations members being abused by LU’s customers and then victimised again by the company!

Members to be advised by email text.

Bakerloo Line Branch, all operational LU branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.


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