RMT Successfully Defends Jobs on LUL

From Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser ...

In response to management's internal circular claiming that the RMT have settled our dispute [which is attached] let me just clarify the position.

1. No RMT members will be made compulsorily redundant as part of the LUL organisational change process. There may well be members of other unions made redundant.

2. The RMT have not accepted the pay offer and neither have any of the other unions. In my view a joint campaign amongst the unions would produce the best results [just as it did on the main line] but as yet none of them have even balloted their members for action.

3. For once we have got some good publicity from a paper which supports working people, the Morning Star. I have attached a pdf sent to me by your regional president Vaughan Thomas.

4. In response to management's “Heads Up” document - more aptly entitled “a view from the bunker” - these incoherent and contradictory statements are of course unfounded, unsubstantiated and wrong. In one communiqué we were alleged to have settled our dispute and in the next it is admitted that both we and Unite are in dispute. You couldn’t make this up ... though somebody obviously has.

Thank you all again for your support during our two-day dispute. You have saved our members from unemployment during this period of recession. Now we must move on and build a united pay campaign with the other unions.

Yours Sincerely Steve Hedley Regional organiser RMT.

RMT: defending jobs for every member in every grade.