RMT solidarity message #BlackLivesMatter

Mick Cash, General Secretary and Michelle Rodgers, President:

George Floyd’s death is an indictment of entrenched racism within state forces. Racism has always and continues to inflict injustices on the black communities, not only in the US but also globally and in the UK.

Now is not the time for silence - we must shout our anger in the call for justice. The State must not be a tool for the expression of racism and hatred.

As trade unionists we stand united against state racism. No to silence, no to police brutality. Justice for all. Unity is strength.

Glen Hart; Chair, RMT Black and Ethnic Minority Advisory Committee:

RMT Union sends solidarity to all people fighting for justice home and abroad. The brutal police murder by asphyxiation of unarmed Black man George Floyd has rightly sent shock waves of revulsion around the world - with rallying cries of; “I Can’t Breathe” and ‘Black Lives Matter’ showing there needs to be a complete overhaul in tackling endemic racism and oppression in society.

An injustice here has seen transport worker Belly Mujinga’s family failed, when the police authorities decided to close the criminal investigation into her case after a spitting offence may have led to her Coronavirus related death.

All of us in RMT send our deepest condolences to both sets of families and everyone who has suffered a consequential loss through either the inaction or injustices meted out by police authorities.

The politicians have failed us all. While we continue to resist a global pandemic, right wing governments and their leaders continue their hostilities on workers and their families.

The fight for social justice is central to our demands. RMT Union has a proud history of standing up against systemic racism and prejudices, when protecting all workers.

We will not allow racial injustice to segregate our battle. We say, ‘Black Lives Matter’ because while it should be stating the obvious, it patently isn't. Without justice, there can be no peace.