RMT sets out Transformation process demands

London Underground are attempting to ram through a new swathe of job cuts and are walking all over our agreements to do it! This is happening in the following areas: Track Access Control, Power Control, Service Control, LUCC, Skills Development, Waste, Pumps, Stations Buildings & Civils and Signals Incidents.

The RMT's London Transport Regional Organiser John Leach has written a letter to the Head of London Underground Employee Relations.



Further to my letter of 2nd April 2019, as you will be aware I am currently awaiting instructions, but for the avoidance of any doubt, RMT’s requirement is that 6.1.1, health and safety legislation and company policy are adhered to.

To adequately enable this, a Transformations Health & Safety meeting needs to be immediately convened to agree terms of reference for addressing any issues arising through this current transformations process.

The discussion in this meeting will agree the following arrangements:

1. The necessary compliment of Health & Safety Representatives required

2. Their release arrangements

3. Provision of documents to the reps

4. A provisional road map of meetings

5. Management and Health & Safety Representatives person respectively as a point of contact

6. An escalation process in the event of a failure to agree

7. Any other requirements identified at the terms of reference meeting

Without this most basic and straightforward health and safety arrangement, RMT’s only option will be to withdraw with immediate effect from the consultation process.

I therefore ask for your immediate and positive response on this.

Yours sincerely