RMT preparing for ballot over Fleet agreement breach

BREACH OF CORE WORK AGREEMENT, CONTRACTING OUT AND USE OF SECONDARY CONTRACTORS – FLEET GRADES – LUL (LUL/13/1) The Lead Officer has recently advised that our Fleet Reps have registered a failure to agree on two issues; S-Stock Shoe Gear Replacement and Breaches of the Core Work Agreement.

An agreement was reached for a trial where BTUK controlled inspections on S-Stock Shoe Gear but, if the trial had not resolved the issue of shoe gear not lasting up to the 25k maintenance target by the beginning of April, this job would come under Fleet duties and extra staff would be added accordingly. Last week, management made it known that they would not honour this agreement.

LUL management has also stated that the airbag replacement programme on the S-Stock is a warranty issue and as such BTUK would be carrying out this work which involves stripping the train bogies to get to this piece of equipment and they are employing contractors JMac to do this. RMT stated that whilst we could accept them changing out the airbags, the lifting and lowering of the bogies and stripping them out is Fleet work and as such, LUL Fleet staff should be doing this. Management rejected this position and also stated that any warranty work will be done by BTUK.

This could cover any aspect of work on the train and is therefore in conflict with our Fleet Core Work Agreement. Furthermore, it brings in more agency staff through the back door. This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has noted the correspondence on file and that there is a major attack on our Fleet Core Work Agreement and taken the decision to prepare a ballot matrix of all affected RMT members so that we can prepare for industrial action in defence of our agreements. Also, to organise an all grades Reps meeting and to provide the necessary leaflets and propaganda material.

I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely

Mick Cash General Secretary