RMT Marches with Students

RMT members joined other trade unionists and students in marching through London today to protest against rises in tuition fees, cuts in education funding, and the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

EPS branch banner
placard says clegg epic fail

NUT placard
janine speaking

The last photo shows me speaking at the opening rally, giving solidarity greetings from RMT - after a speaker from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts had sent a speaker to our Regional Council meeting two days previously.

I pointed out how much student campaigners and RMT members have in common - while they fight cuts in university and college staffing, we fight cuts in station staffing; while they battle for better student financial support, we battle for better pay and conditions; while they face police 'kettling' tactics, we face employers getting courts to ban our strikes; while they defend students who are being disciplined by schools and colleges for taking part in protests, we defend RMT reps victimised and sacked by London Underground.

The government's attack on further and higher education is fundamentally about the same thing as our Tory mayor's attack on London Underground and its staff: working-class people being attacked by a government of the rich and the ruling class. As the government attacks the working class as a whole, the working class as a whole must fight back. We have many sections, but we are one movement - and together we are stronger.