RMT to consider 'next steps' as management response to track noise concerns 'not tolerable'
  • Please download the attached newsletter and display it in your depot.

A couple of weeks ago we advised that the RMT had raised the issue of excessive track noise at a Director led Safety Forum meeting and that LU had given a commitment to respond to us with their plans to deal with this issue. LU’s response has been received by this union but disappointingly it does not commit to removing the excessive noise at current affected locations or indicate any plan for addressing the root cause, other than a more focused rail grinding programme, something we have seen fail previously.

LU also failed to provide a response to our request to place TSR’s in the affected areas. LU did confirm that there would be no further installation of Pandrol Vanguard at any other locations and they agreed to review the styles of ear defenders available to Train Operator’s, which should be available on the effected lines within the next couple of weeks. However, the RMT are clear that we see the need for Train Operator’s to wear additional safety equipment as short term mitigation and certainly not the victory that other parties appear to be declaring.

Accepting a degraded workplace which impacts on the health and wellbeing of Train Operator’s by wearing additional PPE, something which previously wasn’t required, is not tolerable to us.
We have made clear to LU that nothing short of engineering out or removing the root cause of the excessive track noise will address our concerns.

We have also advised LU that whilst the root cause is being addressed TSR’s should be put in place at affected locations.

This issue has been progressed to Head Office to consider next steps.