RMT calls off strike action on Arriva Trains Wales this Friday following legal advice

FOLLOWING LEGAL advice on the changing nature of the anti-trade union laws, and a pending legal challenge to a court decision in respect of action on Docklands Light Railway, a 24 hour strike on Friday February 4 by RMT drivers on Arriva Trains Wales has been called off.

RMT confirmed today that it will re-ballot members in light of the latest legal advice.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“While our fight for pay justice for our driver members on Arriva Trains Wales remains well and truly on we have now received further legal advice on the nature of the anti-trade union laws in respect of recent court judgments and as a result of that advice the action planned for this Friday has been called off and our members have been instructed to work normally.

“Nobody should be in any doubt about just how the noose of the anti-union laws has been tightened around workers necks and it’s the full weight of those undemocratic laws that has been brought in to play in this dispute.

“It remains the case that ATW drivers are some of the worst paid in the country and that all they are fighting for is a comparable wage, a pay increase that protects their standards of living without strings and working conditions that ensure a decent work/life balance. That fight goes on.

“RMT remains available for talks aimed at settling this long-running dispute.”