Resolution: Swine Flu

This resolution, submitted by Jubilee South and East London Line branch, was passed unanimously at the August Regional Council meeting.

This Branch/Regional Council believes that LUL management's consistent refusal to meet with the safety council and discuss a strategy for dealing with the outbreak of swine influenza is completely unacceptable.

As the virus is now spreading at an increasingly rapid rate, steps need to be taken to prevent the spread of it in the workplace by all practical measures. This is to protect those amongst the staff and those they are in contact with who fall in to the groups which have been classified as vulnerable e.g. pregnant women, those suffering with certain medical conditions such as diabetes and respiratory conditions or receiving medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

As NHS advice has emphasised the importance of extra vigilance of hygiene we demand that medical wipes be made readily available to all staff in all workplaces and a regime of monitoring that standards of cleaning are adequately met is implemented.

Further, as medical advice emphasises the absolute necessity of keeping those infected in isolation, we demand that the Attendance at Work policy is suspended for those who are infected with swine flu for the duration of the illness.