Swine flu

<img src="/sites/default/files/swineflu.jpg" align="right" hspace="10" width="160">The outbreak of dangerous new strain of influenza in 2009.

Docklands Light Railway: dispute and news

Urgent update: Docklands Light Railway has sacked a member of staff for having had swine flu and an accident at work! Unlike other companies (even London Underground!), DLR management has refused to discount swine flu absences from its sickness attendance policy. RMT's DLR branch is planning to hold an emergency meeting to launch a campaign to reverse this outrageous sacking.

Resolution: Swine Flu

This resolution, submitted by Jubilee South and East London Line branch, was passed unanimously at the August Regional Council meeting.

This Branch/Regional Council believes that LUL management's consistent refusal to meet with the safety council and discuss a strategy for dealing with the outbreak of swine influenza is completely unacceptable.

Swine Flu - London Underground's Guidance

Below is the company's (not the union's!) guidance on swine flu. Comments welcome!

Please find below our current response and actions you should take for staff that report sick with swine flu or flu like symptoms. This advice supersedes all previous advice with immediate effect. Please cascade this as necessary.

Employees that can prove that they had actual swine flu, and proof will be either a GP certificate or evidence of having been prescribed Tamiflu must be recorded as sick explanation accepted. This is strictly for those with proof. The SAP code for this is 160.

Swine Flu - NHS Advice

You'll probably be aware that Mayor Boris Johnson held a 'Swine Flu Summit' yesterday to address concerns. No trade unions were represented.

Meanwhile, LUL's Director of Safety is insisting there is no need to meet your safety representatives over the issue and that the entire thing is exaggerated.

Aside from the fact that the employer has a legal duty to consult safety representatives on your behalf, we believe the Director of Safety, Mike Strzelecki, to be improvident and irresponsible.

Leaflet: Swine Flu Update

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a joint RMT/TSSA leaflet on swine flu from your London Underground Stations & Revenue Health & Safety Council reps. Read the text below.

Influenza A (H1N1) – Swine Flu Update.

“...once a fully fit pandemic virus emerges, its further international spread is unstoppable”. Dr Margaret Chan, WHO

"National incidence of influenza-like illness increased for all regions and is now evident in all age groups." Royal College of GPs

RMT Circular: Swine Flu Pandemic

Circular No IR/213/09 Our Ref: BR1/0312

You will be aware that in recent weeks that there have been many news reports regarding the outbreak of a new strain of subtype H1N1 influenza, commonly called swine flu, hog flu or pig flu, and the fears that this disease may become a major global pandemic. In line with recent Government warnings the General Grades Committee has discussed the possible impact on RMT members. At their meeting of 15th July 2009 the General Grades Committee took the follow decision:-

RMT warns of staffing and safety dangers over swine flu pandemic

TRANSPORT UNION RMT warned today of severe pressures on staffing levels and serious safety risks across the transport system as experts advised that up to 40% of the population could become ill with the swine flu over the coming weeks.

Transport workers are known to be at greater risk of infection as they tend to work in close contact with the public and colleagues, and often in confined spaces like trains, buses, the Underground, ferries and offices.