Docklands Light Railway: dispute and news

Urgent update: Docklands Light Railway has sacked a member of staff for having had swine flu and an accident at work! Unlike other companies (even London Underground!), DLR management has refused to discount swine flu absences from its sickness attendance policy. RMT's DLR branch is planning to hold an emergency meeting to launch a campaign to reverse this outrageous sacking.

DLR branch secretary Kim Axford writes: "Members in the control room have voted 14-4 for strikes, 15-3 for action short of strikes to oppose DLR's attempt to impose an unacceptable new roster. There was no movement from company at the last meeting at ACAS.

"Pay talks start soon, with the knowledge that Serco has just published a 33% rise in profit before tax amounting to around £83 million.

"There is also unrest within the PSA grade about rosters and the stalling tactic of company, who will not make radical changes to the antiquated parameters that they base all new schedules on. For 5 months now, all rosters have been worked under duress."