Reinstate Vicky Hayward!

GGC decision, 30 September

That we note with regret that on 29 September, London Underground Ltd summarily dismissed Sister Vicky Hayward. We are shocked and appalled that the company chose to disregard all the arguments and evidence that Sister Hayward and her representative put forward, and persisted in using managers' statements as to what they had seen on CCTV footage as "evidence" despite the actual footage having been destroyed.

We note the legal advice received, which confirms that LUL's actions are in breach of data protection law and employment law.

In line with the legal opinion, we instruct the General Secretary to give full assistance to Sister Hayward in:
• immediately submitting an Employment Tribunal claim for unfair dismissal, requesting an assessment from, and making a complaint to, the Information Commissioner's office about London Underground Ltd's breaches of data protection law
• claiming appropriate redress and compensation
• pursuing the internal process within London Underground Ltd

We further note that since this report was requested, our member has received:
• the full disciplinary brief, containing some of the information referred to in the legal advice
• a response to her Subject Access Request
We instruct the General Secretary that both of these be placed on the file and made available to our legal adviser.

We note that the union is currently fighting two other unfair dismissals by London Underground Ltd - those of Brother Alex McGuigan and Brother Noel Roberts. It is clear that this employer is acting with systematic disregard for basic standards of justice. We instruct the General Secretary to implement a campaign to demand the reinstatement of all three of these unjustly-sacked members, to include a personal letter to all members, a leaflet for distribution to LUL members at work, and liaising with the relevant branches and regional council to organise visits to workplaces.

We instruct the General Secretary to place in front of us a report on prospects for industrial action to secure these reinstatements.