Pay Update

Update: London Underground has revised its offer to four years: 5% this year, RPI+0.5% (minimum 2%) for years 2, 3 and 4.

RMT workplace representatives will be discussing this at a meeting on Tuesday 4 October.You work hard, your employer makes money from your efforts, and you have bills to pay. So your union organises members to win better pay and working conditions. RMT aims to achieve:

  • above-inflation pay rises - anything else is a pay cut in real terms, as your outgoings increase faster than your income;
  • a flat-rate minimum pay rise alongside the percentage rise, to benefit lower-paid grades;
  • shorter working hours - more real time away from the job;
  • improved working conditions - such as better travel facilities, pension rights and family-friendly policies.

The union prefers to claim for better pay and conditions every year. Longer-term deals can leave you out of pocket, put important demands aside for several years, and leave management free to attack jobs and conditions.

The up-to-date position in London Transport companies:

  • Transport for London paid employees a 6% rise this year, the last year of a 3-year deal.
  • RMT members at Alstom are voting on an offer of 4% this year and 4% next year; the union recommends they reject it.
  • EDF Powerlink has tabled a 5-year offer, 4.5% for this year, RPI+0.25% for the other years.
  • TubeLines staff received a 5.6% rise this year, the final year of a 3-year (or 2-year) deal.
  • CBS Outdoor’s pay rise is just 1.3% this year - RMT plans an intensive campaign to ensure next year's rise is much better.
  • Docklands Light Railway workers received a 5.3% rise this year, the second year of a 4-year deal.
  • London Overground workers’ pay rose by 6.25% this year, the second year of a 3-year deal.
  • CTS (Cubic) has offered a 3% rise.
  • Cleaners' pay has risen in line with the London Living Wage, and RMT continues to press for further rises.
  • London Underground is was (see above) tabling a 5-year offer: 5% this year, RPI+0.25% years 2-4, RPI+0.5% year 5, minimum 2% each year. We rejected this offer because: it is below RPI this year, and only just above for years 2-5; it does not include the flat-rate minimum; it ignores most of our claims for better conditions; and it covers too long a period. A recent members’ meeting endorsed RMT’s rejection of this offer and our efforts to win more.

RMT has written to London Underground asking for a better offer, and asking for an RPI+ rise for this year, paid to you in good time for Christmas while we keep talking about future years.
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