Overtime Improvements on the Bakerloo!

T/Ops on the Bakerloo Line could not believe their luck, when in an all too rare show of altruism, management swept away the existing way of booking overtime and brought in a new improved system.

Openly weeping with joy an Bakerloo T/Op told us:

"The previous system was bonkers, and now thanks to Bakerloo management we don't have to endure the drudgery of - finishing late - picking up a phone and informing the desk DMT - then hanging up."

A Bakerloo manager informed us:

"The new system is much fairer, T/Ops were literally working overtime and getting paid for it.The new system simplifies everything, from now on all a T/Op has to do to claim overtime is:

1- Digitally encode the amount of minutes worked into machine code, 2- Memorise the number and have it tattoed on the wing of a pigeon 3- Whisper the Premier House address into the pigeons ear 4- Throw the Pigeon in the air and shout "Fly Pigeon! Fly!" 5- Fill in a non payment of overtime form on payday.

We tried to get a DMT's view on this new workers utopia, but he was too busy helping a Train Operator with a rest day changeover....