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Overtime Improvements on the Bakerloo!

T/Ops on the Bakerloo Line could not believe their luck, when in an all too rare show of altruism, management swept away the existing way of booking overtime and brought in a new improved system.

Openly weeping with joy an Bakerloo T/Op told us:

"The previous system was bonkers, and now thanks to Bakerloo management we don't have to endure the drudgery of - finishing late - picking up a phone and informing the desk DMT - then hanging up."

A Bakerloo manager informed us:

Is there life on ASLEF?

Astromoners claimed that the planet ASLEF has life.The shock claim has astounded stargazers throughout the world - one of whom was quoted as saying:

"We thought it was just a useless lump - devoid of life, floating around aimlessly doing whatever it was told to do by the Laws of Universal Lethargy (L.U.L.)"

Similiar claims for the moon known as "TESSA" have been denied