Notice to all Bakerloo Drivers

Issa Kanu was off sick from 8th of August 2009 to 27th of November 2009 with depression but returned to alternative duties following a case conference.
Issa has been back at work for the last 6 months.
Following a visit to Occupational Health on the morning of Thursday May 20th 2010, Issa was declared fit to return to normal train operating duties by the company doctor.
At a case conference on the afternoon of Thursday 20th of May Issa was sacked by his Train Operations Manager.
If anyone is to be sacked for attendance issues it should be under the attendance at work policies. How can a fit member of staff be sacked at a case conference? This is unprecedented and a blatant breach of procedures. This is a clear example of London Underground riding roughshod over train operators and our policies and agreements.
The RMT will be supporting Issa Kanu’s appeal and will campaign for his re-instatement.