Night Tube Drivers to get fair choice on New Years Eve working and equal bonus payment

London Underground has agreed with the RMT about the fairest way to operate services on New Years Eve.

Now all Night Tube drivers will have the opportunity to either work or apply for annual leave on NYE, but if they choose to work they will be paid the same enhancements as full time drivers who volunteer. This has been a prolonged process – taking many months to achieve – but at last we have a position which is both fair and consistent with current procedures.

Below is an extract from Company Council minutes outlining the position of both unions and an extract from the letter from Jean Cockerill, HR Director, outlining the company’s position.

Minutes of the Company Council, July 7th
RMT and ASLEF were both invited to outline their position regarding the matter of NT drivers working on New Years Eve (NYE) which falls on a Friday or Saturday. RMT explained that the current practise was that drivers scheduled to work on NYE, were given the option of first refusal to work, however, if they volunteered to work they would receive an enhanced payment. At CCSG at change to this practise was discussed where those part-time NT drivers who were scheduled to work on NYE would be forcible booked off and volunteers sought on a seniority basis. This would result in those part-time NT drivers not being afforded the opportunity to volunteer and being forced to take the day as annual leave in order not to loose a day’s pay.

RMT’s position was that the current system should remain as the agreement states, that those rostered to work should have the option to work. RMT felt that the proposed change was discriminatory to those Night Tube drivers who worked part-time. RMT stated that they were looking for a resolution to this at Company Council.

ASLEF stated that their position was for the current system to be changed as per the agreement, as the scheduled NT drivers were not volunteering therefore should not receive the enhanced payment.

Extract of outcome letter from HR Director
Taking account of all of these factors the arrangements for New Year’s Eve, where this coincides with Night Tube operation will be:

  • Part time Night Tube train operators will be rostered to work as normal
  • Any applications for annual leave on New Year’s Eve from part time Night Tube operators will be favourably considered
  • Any additional shifts created by the implementation of a New Year’s Eve service, or by annual leave applications from Night Tube operators, will be open to volunteers as normal
  • All train operators, whether part time or full time, and whether rostered or volunteer, who work on New Year’s Eve will be entitled to the enhanced Special Event payment.