MATS Newsletter March 2013

Admin CDI note taking

We understand that management are trying to use the word ‘flexibility’ within your contract to get around the volunteering for this role. We believe this is not acceptable and we will take legal advice on this. The issue has been raised among the RMT senior reps and they are aware of our position in which as we have said before we do not recommend anyone volunteers to undertake this role.

The Regional Organiser John Leach, MATS Rep Roy Carey and Stations Functional Rep John Reid met with Employee Relations Director Gerry Duffy to discuss a number of issues including Admin. We as a union are still pushing for Admin to get an Olympics bonus the same as the other London Underground staff got (fair & consistent) we then tried to talk about the note taking issue but they point blankly refused to talk to us about it. We will continue to raise this issue and the CDI note taking issue when and where we can, we are an all grades union fighting for all grades. They didn’t want to reward the Admin for the Olympics maybe now it will come back to bite them.

Duty Managers grade progression
Many Duty Managers received letters informing them they could have their pay frozen if they didn’t meet the skills in relation to their pay. This was raised by the MATS reps and it has now been withdrawn. The only DM’s that can have their pay frozen are those that have gained through the grade progression and not continued to meet the skills set.