London Underground bosses confirm driverless train testing has taken place

Following a number of reports of London Underground carrying out trials of ‘driverless’ trains into and out of Willesden Green sidings on the Jubilee line, the Trains Health & Safety Council formally asked LUL at director level if the reports were correct. LUL confirmed that they have been testing technology that would allow trains to move in and out of sidings without a Train Operator on the train.

London Underground stated that the Jubilee line currently operates 32 trains per hour, which they would like to see raised to 36 trains per hour and that this was one of the options currently being considered to allow the enhanced service. At this time a feasibility process is ongoing. As and when a final decision is made LUL stated they would then consult with relevant parties.

The issue of driverless trains is a major concern for the RMT and breaches our 'Tube Drivers' Charter'. It is also the case that similar technology could be explored at other locations. As such the matter is being considered at RMT head office level with a view to how we wish to proceed. This issue was  discussed at a recent Trains Grade meeting and will continue to be on the agenda.


RMT Trains, Health & Safety Council