London Transport Region - RMT mass meeting

23rd April 2021

Dear colleagues

London Transport Region - RMT mass meeting, Monday 26th April at 5pm

With reference to the above, a meeting will be taking place via Zoom. The meeting will be covering:

  • No Job losses
  • Defend the TfL pension
  • No deterioration in conditions

You've helped keep the tube moving throughout the Covid pandemic and the Union believes you should not accept your job, terms or pension being sacrificed to pay for the economic costs of Covid.

Speakers to include:

  • Steve Hedley - Senior Asst General Secretary
  • John Leach - LT Regional Organiser
  • Jared Wood - LT region NEC member

Please join the Zoom meeting at 5pm on Monday 26th April (speak to your rep or branch official for the details).

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary