Letter To Tube Lines Members Regarding Industrial Action On Pensions & Passes Dispute

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I refer to my previous letter of 28th September 2012 in support of Tube Line members’ demands for equal pension and travel benefits. As you will recall the RMT General Grades Committee requested support for an overtime ban over the weekend of 5 th to 8th October 2012. I am pleased to inform you that this action was well observed by RMT members.

So that our members’ demands are met in full the General Grades Committee has considered further action and request that you support the following action:

  • RMT representatives have been instructed not to agree any new rosters until further notice.
  • Should the company try to impose a new roster with effect from 00.01 hours Friday 19th October 2012 Tube Lines members are instructed not to cooperate with any imposed roster and to work to the existing agreed roster.

I would once again like to congratulate RMT members on their solidarity and support they have shown in pursuing their claim for equality with other LUL employees.

I will keep you informed of developments.