Jubilee South Train Drivers' Newsletter June 2015

This newsletter is for train drivers at Stratford and North Greenwich.

RMT To Ballot Over Pay & Night Tube

The RMT has declared a dispute with LUL over pay and all-night running and is preparing to ballot for strike action.

An outrageous attempt to drive a coach and horses through existing procedures has been attempted by LUL managers who wish to impose new rosters on staff in the run up to the introduction of night tube operation on 12th September 2015.

The union is also placing the derisory pay offer from London Underground into dispute.
Following high-level talks between the RMT and the other Tube unions we are now co-coordinating our campaign with our sister unions who have been hit by the same ripping-up of existing agreements, and the same derisory pay offer.

The RMT is the largest union on the Tube with over 12,000 members, representing staff in all 7 Functional Councils, including a large number of driver members. We are in a strong position to force management to see sense on these issues and welcome working alongside our sister unions in this fight.

Pay Offer
The pay offer from tube bosses currently stands at 0.75% for 2015 and RPI for 2016. The RMT pay claim asks for a ‘substantial increase’ and a reduction in hours in the working week. There is a big disparity in what we want and want London Underground is offering.

Night tube Offer
Bosses have insisted on negotiating Night Tube as a part of pay negotiations. They are offering us drivers a one of £750 payment which will come in three parts and is conditionally linked to certain targets.

Strike Ban Threat
The Tory manifesto calls for more anti-union laws which could see tube strikes effectively banned. Around 24% of the electorate voted for the Tories, yet they want 50% of workers to vote yes for a strike to go ahead. A rewriting of democracy which would be near impossible for us to satisfy.

They'd also call for a minimum tube service to run at all times, restrict picketing, and reduce the time union reps get to defend members.

It is too early to say how exactly the Tory's will attack tube drivers; but If they do succeed in their attempts to stop us striking we will be under a massive threat. We already face 900 job cuts, all ticket offices closing and £4.2bn of savings are sought. Now, more than ever, we need to prepare to defend our jobs and our futures.

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