Interserve's Culture Of Bullying Leads To RMT Strike Ballot


Since Interserve took over the contract from Initial, things have seriously deteriorated for members. Your Union met with senior management on 5th November where we outlined a significant number of problems with the way they are dealing with their employees.

Mistreatment of Staff and Abuse of Power by Supervisors and Management

We believe there is a “below the radar” culture of harassment at Interserve with management and supervisors abusing their power over staff. Staff are pushed about on a daily basis and are regularly relocated with no notice or consultation. Despite our protests, management simply aren’t taking us seriously over this damaging culture in the workplace.

Non-Payment of Wages

Interserve has a dreadful record of payroll errors such as underpaying staff or even not paying them at all. We have examples where staff were deducted pay without any notice and then Interserve somehow lose the money they have taken. We suspect there is either a serious problem in their payroll systems or that supervisors are interfering and causing the problem. In most cases, staff are only made aware there is a problem when they receive their payslips and the figure is lower than expected. Our concerns were discussed at a meeting with the directors but they made little attempt to listen and recognise the problems with their own systems.

Attacks on Trade Union Reps and Activists and denying our right to represent members

Our reps are undermined in their efforts by constant attempts by the company to deny time, scope and space to represent members by imposing frustrating release arrangements and needless form-filling exercises. There appears to be a clear resentment of RMT, when all we are trying to do is defend our members’ interests. Our efforts to get the company to sign a formal recognition and health and safety agreement have so far got nowhere.

There is a culture of harassment and resentment at Interserve and as a result, the General Grades Committee has taken the decision to advise the Company that we are in dispute and to ballot affected members for strike action and industrial action short of a strike. I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all further developments.