Industrial victory: Bakerloo Line South Group action suspended


That we note the report from the Lead Officer; and that the company agree with all our points and demands in this dispute and appear to be sincere in rectifying the unsatisfactory items.

This industrial victory is to the credit of our stations members, reps, activists and the Bakerloo Line Branch who have by their steadfastness and solidarity demonstrated their willingness to stand up to the company.

Accordingly, and in light of the progress made we suspend all industrial action and instruct our members to work normally on the notified day of strike action:

Sunday 13th to Monday 14th January 2019

and to work normally in regard to the action short of a strike namely:

Not familiarising anyone who wouldn’t normally work at their stations, e.g., “Ambassadors”, etc. from 05:00 Wednesday 26th December 2018 until further notice.

We remain in dispute for the time being and remind reps and members to remain vigilant!

Further; we instruct the General Secretary to detail to the members the concessions won by them from the company by email and text.

Bakerloo Line Branch and the London Transport Region Council to be advised.

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