Every Job Matters Trains Action Report

Attached is a newsletter for drivers regarding the upcoming industrial action over the devastating cuts plan. Please print and distribute

A special newsletter has been created for train operators about our current dispute, and why London Undergrounds devastating job cuts plan must be stopped.

We are going on strike to protect our own terms and conditions. Station staff are are vitally important to the role of driver: we depend upon them for numerous procedures (some listed on the notice) and it would be impossible to run our railway safely without fully qualified and competent station staff.

If LU are allowed to slash and burn the stations grade then the drivers grade will be the next in line. Then our pay, then our annual leave, then our pensions, then our travel concessions..... There would be no stopping them!

This newsletter outlines the action we are taking, including the stations staff overtime and rest day working ban that comes into effect from tomorrow.

There will be more leaflets before the action dates to enable us all to get the message out to our members of the importance of taking united action against these severe and unsafe attacks.

If you would like to get in touch with the functional reps, or would like leaflets brought to your workplace, their contact details are on the newsletter.

Please print this out and distribute it in your workplace.