Is the Dispute resolved? LUL thinks so, RMT members dont know?!

RMT's London Transport Region Membership were surprised and confused as to what is actually going on with regards to the LUL Dispute.

One moment our membership are getting circulars from Bob Crow regarding a 'Major win over 1000 redundancies' completly forgetting about our TfL Members

Next we get a Circular from Gerry Duffy, informing us, that our dispute is resolved! which i very much doubt it is, but i would be nice once in a while to hear it from our leadership RATHER than the bosses.

Then we get an email from our regional organisers office, saying that 'No Strike dates, at least now for now'. when the regional council executive discussed it and it was majority agreed that it was better to name some dates, then to look weak by not doing so.

i have had numerous calls this morning asking me whether its true, and how much the pay rise is!

i have no information, as you can see above, the information is misleading and complete and utter rubbish.

Would somebody please ASK the MEMBERSHIP what THEY want out of the deal, and whether they AGREE to the deal, before shaking hands and giving in to the 'financial hardship' caused by the bankers.

LUL's Bulliten from this morning

RMT dispute: resolved

We are pleased to report that the RMT leadership has today announced the resolution of its dispute with us.

The RMT leadership has now accepted our assurances that we are making every effort to avoid any compulsory redundancies. Our position has not changed - we made this clear before, during and after the RMT’s strike action in June.

RMT has also accepted that any discussions concerning attendance must take place in our “Attendance, Performance and Conduct Joint Working Party” where all trades unions are present.

On pay, and further to my bulletin earlier this week, it has now been proposed by RMT that all the Unions return to ACAS to discuss and clarify the issues in our final offer. We have asked ACAS to set up such a meeting, which they are currently trying to do. Our final offer is still on the table and we hope to be able to conclude this process soon.

I shall keep you informed of progress.

Gerry Duffy

Director, Employee Relations