Date of Reps' Meeting: Two Letters to London Underground

From Bob Crow, 14 September 2009

I am extremely disappointed that you have failed to take on board the representations that were made to you by my Regional Organiser at the Company Council meeting.

I understand that it was made quite clear to you that we needed until 6th October 2009, to respond to you on acceptance of this year’s pay claim. I would also point out that ASLEF required a deadline of 5th October.

I notice that you have moved from the original 16th September deadline, but the extended date of 25th September only serves to accommodate TSSA and Unite, not ourselves and ASLEF.

I see no reason why the arrangements you need to put in place to merge you payroll systems cannot be put back until on or after 6th October, as this date is crucial to us if we are to properly consult with our members.

I therefore trust you will give immediate and urgent consideration to this and I look forward to your earliest response.

Yours sincerely



From Steve Hedley, 14 September 2009

Thank you for the offer of release before the 25th September but due to annual leave the TUC and other commitments it is impossible to have adequate head office representation before the 6th October. It is essential that our general secretary is present and our assistant general secretary Pat Sikorski also wishes to attend. I am personally off for two weeks from the 18th September 2009.

I would be grateful then if we could have the 6th October as requested and apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause I realise that it is far from ideal but is unavoidable in the circumstances.

As I will be away from Friday please copy Stewart Cameron into any correspondence on the issue

Yours sincerely

Steve Hedley Regional Organiser