Could Your iPad get you the Sack?

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RMT reps are dealing with an alarming number of  cases where iPads, staff oysters, CCTV and even station evacuation sheets are being trawled to try and find evidence of wrongdoing.

With the imminent roll-out of the roster & coverage tool (RCT), which includes electronic booking on and off the potential for data to be used to discipline you, sometimes long after the event, is alarming.

Your iPad will have a record of when you book on or off for any shift and also has GPS location data to pin-point where you are  at any time. Of course, on real stations, far away from where these apps are developed, we all know you may book on a few minutes early or late for any number of legitimate reasons. Trawling data to see if there are items that can be raised against staff is a waste of management time and only serves to demoralise members doing their job.

RMT has demanded an agreement with management to prevent the unreasonable trawling of data to find disciplinary matters to investigate. Although such an agreement was made with track & signal members, when iPads were issued to them, management have refused to make an agreement to cover stations.

This matter will now be considered by the RMT National Executive. Watch this space.




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