Changes to CDP

Your Health & Safety commitee reps have recently attended a meeting with Learning and development with regard to changes to the Continuous Development Program. We were initially concerned that management were going to try to cut / water it down. This appears not to be on the cards at the moment. Although we still have issues with a number of lines only getting the 4 day rather than the 5 day to complete this vital refresher training.

Basically CDP is getting a makeover... We agree it is in desperate need of some much needed change.
The format has changed slightly and a new (quite useful) tool has been added to give easy access relevant documents (Rule books, DISI, etc). That is if the computer is working of course!

Fire remains the same stale old exercise.... The record for completing that still stands at 58.4secs.

New videos are to be produced although not on the previous high budget Hollywood standards we have become accustomed to. 

We are still awaiting the new Safer Steps Guidance  to be re issued, This is the guidance we once had to give T-Ops guidelines in how to deal with sleeping / intoxicated passengers. When that is re published it will be added to the course material. 

There appears to be a new emphasis on Person under train prevention, which don't have a problem with in essence. Although if any driver has had a previous experience of this horrific part of our work we would not want to subject drivers to having to re-live this type of incident and believe this should be optional to all. 

All in all this is largely a rehash of what we already had in place. As always we will  keep you updated on this issue.

Changes are to be introduced in early 2018 if you have any concerns / comments please contact your H&S Rep or THSC Rep