Ballot prepared over Metropolitan Line drivers' canteen closure


We note the resolution from our Neasden Branch; and that the Machinery of Negotiation & Consultation has been exhausted.

This NEC is appalled by the company removing meal break facilities from our Driver Members, breaching longstanding agreements and consistently refusing to address the issue of an adequate staff canteen.

Therefore, we instruct the General Secretary to prepare a ballot matrix of all Train Operator & Instructor Operator members on the Metropolitan Line, and to write to
London Underground advising the company that as per agreements; we require:

  • The canteen at Harrow on the Hill to be reinstated in a reasonable timeframe.

Or alternatively:

  • Make arrangements for Train Operator members to take booked meal breaks in other staff canteen locations on the Metropolitan Line (Wembley Park/Baker St).

If these necessary and reasonable requirements are not met by the company; a dispute situation will exist between our two organisations.

Members to be advised by email and text.

Neasden and Hammersmith & City Line Branches and The London Transport Regional Council to be advised.