Bakerloo News July - August Edition

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for members of the RMT Bakerloo branch. In this edition:

Strike again on 5-6 August!
Our strike on 8-9 July shut down the entire Tube network, but management isn’t budging. That’s why RMT, Aslef, TSSA, and Unite have called another strike for 5-6 August. RMT Bakerloo mounted three successful, well-supported picket lines on 8-9 July, at Queen’s Park, Oxford Circus, and Elephant and Castle, along with comrades from Aslef and TSSA.

Hands Off London Transport campaigners also joined picket lines, helping to distribute thousands of leaflets to the public explaining the reasons behind the strike. There is no doubt that our strike will have rocked the bosses; we now need to keep the pressure up to force real concessions.

RMT has called an indefinite overtime ban for all grades. As many stations rely on overtime to stay open, this is an essential tool for keeping pressure on the company between strike days. For more on the overtime ban and its importance, see box (right) and article overleaf. If management don’t back down after 5-6 August, it may be necessary to step up our action beyond 24-hour strikes.

Get active in your branch and participate in the discussion about where the dispute goes from here.

And more:

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Bakerloo News (July-August 2015)