Bakerloo Line drivers to be balloted in defense of Brother Vigo

Following a meeting with our Trains Functional Council reps, Bakerloo Line Trains IR reps and Senior Assistant General Secretary a clear way forward was reached in
relation to the appalling treatment of Bro Vigo who was sacked for obtaining a drink of water whilst on duty.

It was noted that the company by taking this draconian action has set a clear precedent which will put all Train Operators in the firing line for dismissal. The companies action against Bro Vigo also flies in the face of all natural justice which is evidenced by Bro Vigo winning his Employment Tribunal hands down.

Therefore we instruct the General Secretary to immediately ballot our Train Operator and Instructor Operator Members on the Bakerloo Line, and to follow this swiftly with a combine wide ballot of all London Underground Train Operator and Instructor Operator Members if the company fail to re-instate Bro Vigo as a Train Operator
following his Employment Tribunal Remedy meeting next week.

Relevant Members to be advised by email and text.

All LUL Operational Branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.