Advice For Drivers As ANP Is Removed

Despite agreements reached with London Underground and your union just over a year ago at Directors level regarding the implementation of Auto Not Permitted (ANP) while P-Way staff or trespassers were on the track, LU have decided to remove this facility without meaningful consultation with your union and without the participation of local safety representatives in the workplace risk assessments around this.

Jubilee and Northern Line drivers are advised that this union does not accept the imposition of a new procedure which will see trains continue to operate in auto mode whilst people are on or about the track. This union believes that drivers should drive manually when there are people on the track.  

If you are aware of a worker or trespasser being on the track, when you feel it is safe, proceed in protected manual (PM),  If you are already driving in Auto, then stop your train and contact the controller to alert them to the situation before proceeding - when you feel it is safe - in PM.

If you have any queries then please speak to your local health & Safety rep.

Your union will fully support and defend any driver doing what they feel is safest and selecting PM to drive through areas with people on the track.
RMT Train’s Health and Safety Council.