Activists Meeting To Debate Further Action Over Tube Jobs Cuts


As members are aware, the campaign against cuts on London Underground is on-going and we recently received two resolutions from the Central Line East and Central Line West Branches concerning ticket office closures and the proposed new rosters for station staff which, if introduced will have a devastating impact on the work/life balance of our members and have a detrimental effect on their health. The resolutions also raised the issue of Driverless Trains, which is outlined in my previous circular (IR/272/14, 16th October 2014).

This matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has noted the resolutions and taken the decision to convene a meeting of London Underground Reps and Activists to discuss the possibility of further industrial action in relation to defending jobs, services and conditions.

I am currently acting in accordance with this decision and will keep you advised of all developments.

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