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Transport for London Pension Fund

From Bob Crow, General Secretary ...

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to bring you up to date with developments in regard to the TfL Pension Fund.

Actuarial Valuation

The results of the latest valuation of the Fund have recently been concluded. The valuation, as at 31st March 2009, assesses whether or not there are sufficient assets to pay for pensions already promised to existing pensioners, deferred pensioners and active members, and also sets employer contribution rates necessary to fund future benefits after the valuation date.

Three Thousand, Four Hundred And Eighty Six Reasons To Have Fully Staffed Ticket Offices

TfL have finally listed ticket fares on their website.

There are 3,486 variations.

If London Underground has it's way, customers will be left to figure out how much money they need to put on their Oyster Cards at ticket machines.

World class service from a world class ticket machine? Not when there are no staff to refill the machine there isn't.

RMT Pledges All Out Fight Over TfL and Tube Lines Cuts

TUBE UNION RMT today pledged an all out fight over the threat to safety, jobs and working conditions from cuts plans announced by Transport for London and expected attacks being worked up by contractor Tube Lines as they look to slash £1.3 billion from the tube upgrade budget.

RMT's executive passed a motion last night condemning the cynical attempt by TfL to smuggle out their threat to axe 800 jobs in ticket offices and on platforms.

LU Calls In 'Forensic Accountants' On Tube Lines Payments To Shareholders

TUBE UNION RMT today demanded that London Mayor Boris Johnson take “urgent and decisive” action to terminate the Tube Lines contract on London Underground as it emerged that LU are calling in forensic accountants to “examine massive and secretive payments to Tube Lines’ shareholders” and after the company were branded as “ailing and failing” by TfL.

TfL no.1 branch organisation report 2009

organiseThe Regional Council Secretary wrote to all branches, asking for their assessment of their branch’s work during 2009, and suggesting that they might address the following points:
- whether your membership grew or shrunk during 2009, and why you think this is
- any problems you have had filling reps’ positions within the branch’s area
- how effective your branch was during any industrial action in your area last year
- what recruitment activities you have organised

Lobby the TfL Board

Assemble outside City Hall, 110 The Queens Walk, Southwark, London SE1 2AA (nearest station London Bridge)

Our TfL members are still faced with

  • a three year pay deal linked to an unpredictable RPI figure
  • unprecedented job cuts
  • bullying of reps & activists
  • unfair treatment of members in disciplinaries & medical redeployment/termination hearings

RMT members there have had two days of strike action & have been in dispute for some ten months now.

TfL Joint Unions Pay Bulletin

bulletinThis bulletin has been issued jointly by RMT and the other five recognised unions in TfL. Click '1 attachment / file name to download it. Read the text below.

Get The Facts Right!

Warning! Don’t believe everything you hear from TfL. Managers have been telling staff that they will not receive the 75% Reimbursement after April 1st 2010 if they don’t sign the pay award acceptance form. This is untrue. Reimbursement will continue for the full length of your current season ticket, even if it expires after April 1st 2010. Maybe this was meant as an early April Fool, but it’s more likely yet another mistake from management that don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing.