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TfL Unions Oppose Plan to "Streamline" Job-Cutting Process

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our Regional Organiser. We oppose TfL’s attempt to streamline its OCP policy in order to make it easier to make redundancies due to funding cuts.

We note that all unions have agreed to reject management’s proposal to deal with this at a joint meeting at Company Council level, and instruct the General Secretary to write to TfL/LUL accordingly; the reply to be placed in front of us.

Climate Week

RMT TfL No.1 Branch will be highlighting Climate Week by holding a competition for both ‘New’ members joining in this week and ‘Existing’ members who are already signed up.

If ‘Existing’ members go online to and correct, or update their contact and work details they will be entered into a Prize Draw to win a Solar MP3/Phone Charger.

Any staff members who sign up to RMT will also be entered into a separate Prize Draw to win another Solar MP3/Phone Charger.

TfL Free Travel To Be Provided By - Get a Loan at 2689% APR

TfL have accepted as sponsors of free travel on New Year's Eve.

Wonga is a 'pay day loan' company with a typical APR of 2689%. If you were to borrow a fiver from them for one day - enough to cover a single journey on the tube, you'd owe them £10.60.

For many Londoner's, these loans may seem to be the only way to access funds, more so as decent jobs are cut and employee rights eroded following the ConDem goverments and bosses attacks on working class people - as can be seen at LU where 800 positions will be cut.

Transport Commisioner Peter Hendy Guardian Interview

Transport For London's commissioner Peter Hendy was recently interviewed by Dave Hill for The Guardian.

In the interview Hendy says that TFL will be facing cuts in its budget of 21% over the next few years. Future job losses are discussed with Hendy foreseeing that "The other thing you take a hit on is the cost of running the place. We will be doing less in some areas, so we will need less people to do it"

President of the London Transport Region hot off the Evening Standard Press

from Vaughan Thomas printed in the London Evening Standard Letters Page 20 October 2010

TfL claim that only the delays on the Metropolitan Line this week were caused by the RMT's overtime ban, imposed in protest at massive job cuts. But since the start of the ban there have been a series of station closures for part of the day as staff numbers have fallen below minimum numbers at stations including Barbican, Liverpool Street, Lambeth North, Finsbury Park and Charing Cross, and the District and Jubilee Lines have experienced rolling stock shortages.

TfL/LUL Pays Directors Handsomely While Cutting Frontline Staff

Click '1 attachment' / file name to read details of TfL / London Underground directors' pay.

A few examples of how much some of our bosses were paid in 2009/10:

  • Peter Hendy, Commissioner of Transport: £393,551
  • David Brown, TfL Managing Director Surface Transport: £316,655
  • Steve Allen, TfL Managing Director Finance: £310,601
  • Vernon Everitt, TfL Managing Director Group Marketing and Communications: £283,919
  • Phil Hufton, LU Chief Maintenance Officer: £267,891
  • Howard Carter, TfL General Counsel: £268,556

Transport for London Pension Fund

From Bob Crow, General Secretary ...

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to bring you up to date with developments in regard to the TfL Pension Fund.

Actuarial Valuation

The results of the latest valuation of the Fund have recently been concluded. The valuation, as at 31st March 2009, assesses whether or not there are sufficient assets to pay for pensions already promised to existing pensioners, deferred pensioners and active members, and also sets employer contribution rates necessary to fund future benefits after the valuation date.

Three Thousand, Four Hundred And Eighty Six Reasons To Have Fully Staffed Ticket Offices

TfL have finally listed ticket fares on their website.

There are 3,486 variations.

If London Underground has it's way, customers will be left to figure out how much money they need to put on their Oyster Cards at ticket machines.

World class service from a world class ticket machine? Not when there are no staff to refill the machine there isn't.