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London Transport Museum Job Cuts Plan Should Be Consigned To History

We note the report that London Transport intends to make significant cuts to staffing at the LT Museum. The Museum has suffered funding cuts from this vicious Coalition government, but our members, the Museum's visitors and the cultural value of the Museum's work should not be made to suffer.

We resolve to play a full part in the campaign against these cuts, and support its demand that TfL 'open the books' so that we can identify opportunities for avoiding cuts.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. support and mobilise for the lobby of the TfL Board planned for 12 December.

RMT Rejects TFL Pay Offer For 2012:

We note the views of our TfL no.1 branch on the pay offer from Transport for London.

We affirm the branch’s view that RMT should not accept TfL's pay offer. We do not support Performance-Related Pay, and we will not endorse part of our members' pay rise in the second year of this deal being conditional on us accepting a PRP policy that we have not even seen yet.

RMT is disappointed that other unions have accepted the offer and not taken up our request to pursue our concerns.

Union Opposes All Job Cuts On London Underground And Across TfL

We note the resolution from our East Ham branch concerning job cuts, and that similar resolutions have been passed by several other branches.

We share the views of our branches, and affirm that this union opposes all job cuts on London Underground and across TfL. We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this position is made clear in relevant union publications and public statements and in any meetings and correspondence with the employers.

TFL Market Testing

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise branches that correspondence has been received regarding ‘Market Testing’ notices which have been issued by TfL. This matter has been now considered by the General Grades Committee which has made the following decision:

RMT Has Serious Concerns Despite 2012 Pay Rise Offer From TFL Being Slightly Improved

We note the revised pay offer from Transport for London. Although this does contain some improvements on the original offer, RMT representatives continue to have serious concerns, including:

  • the maximum of 5% on next year’s pay rise, which sets a bad precedent and would leave our members facing a pay cut should RPI be higher than this;
  • the additional 0.5% for 2013 being dependant on acceptance of a new Performance- Related Pay scheme
  • that the 75% Rail Reimbursement Scheme continues to be renewed within pay deals rather than made permanent

RMT To Provide Support To Taxi Members Harassed Over Display Of 'Identifier Tags' And To Assist London Taxi Driver Branch In Recruitment Plan

We note the meeting concerning this issue held on 20 September, and instruct the General Secretary to provide legal support to those taxi driver members who experience harassment arising from the display of identifier tags.

We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure that our London Taxi Drivers’ branch is provided with support and resources for its forthcoming recruitment campaign, which will include coverage of RMT’s campaigning work and support for suburban (‘yellow badge’) taxi drivers and well as green badge drivers.

Petition For An Enquiry Into London Air Polution

A petition has been set up calling for a public enquiry into London's air pollution which it is claimed causes thousands of deaths each year. An enquiry could determine whether London's Mayor and TFL have failed to reduce air pollution levels. The petition claims that "every day thousands of Underground passengers and staff are exposed to vented street level pollution which exceeds healthy EU Air Quality levels. " You can sign the petition here. The petition was created by David Davies who writes:

APD Stations Group Power and Electrical Department To Take Industrial Action

We are seriously concerned that this [change to shifts] ...could lead to members working more days or longer hours. - Bob Crow

From General Secretary Bob CrowFrom General Secretary Bob Crow

It has been brought to our attention that London Underground are in breach of the spirit of our Olympic Agreement in terms of the rostering arrangements within the APD Stations Group Power and Electrical Department.

Having consulted with the local branch and representatives, the General Grades Committee has decided to call our members who work as Electricians, Senior Technicians, Team Leaders and Work Controllers within the APD Stations Group Power and Electrical Department to take the following industrial action short of a strike.

Not to work any overtime from 06.00 hours on Friday 7th September 2012 until 23.59 hours on Sunday 9th September 2012

Executive Decision On Power and Electrical Department APD Stations Group Industrial Action

“That we note the report from the General Secretary and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to call on our Senior Technicians, Electricians, Team Leaders and Work Controller members within the Power and Electrical Department APD Stations Group , London Underground Ltd to take action short of strike action by not working any overtime from 06.00 hrs on Friday 7th September until 23.59 Sunday 9th September 2012. A Personal Letter to be sent to all members informing them of our decision. LU Engineering Branch to be advised. “