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RMT Appalled By Poor Pay Rise Offered To TfL Members; Following No Olympic Bonus

We note the report from our representatives’ meeting, and are appalled that many of our members have received an RPI-only pay rise for this year while their workmates on both TfL and LUL have received RPI+0.5%. This adds insult to the injury of having received no Olympics payment.

We note that RMT rejected this pay deal but that other trade unions agreed it.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

  • raise this issue with TfL as a matter of urgency, and escalate it through the machinery as far as is necessary

London Transport Museum Job Cuts Announcement Expected

We note the report of the discussion at our representatives’ meeting, and that we may expect an announcement of cuts very soon.

We resolve to step up this union’s campaigning against these cuts, and instruct the General Secretary to ensure a higher-profile RMT presence at protest events.

We oppose any cuts in jobs, and instruct the General Secretary to raise with the employer that vacancies in permanent posts should be filled rather than covered with agency or temporary staff.

They Say - We Say

They say: New technology means that London Underground needs fewer staff.

We say: New technology can improve London Underground if it is used alongside staff, not instead of us. But LUL is developing technology specifically for the purpose of getting rid of jobs - this is the rationale behind driverless trains or 'wave and pay'. LUL should develop different technology that works effectively with staff to improve the service.

Current plans for technology will worsen the service, increase unemployment and are a waste of public money.

Transfer Of Members From TfL To LUL

We note the correspondence from TfL on this matter. We note that the meeting with our member and the legal advice instructed by our previous decision Gww 18 December 2012 will provide the necessary information to identify the ongoing issue, and instruct the General Secretary to ensure that these instructions are actioned.

We further instruct the General Secretary to reply urgently to the correspondence from TfL in order to secure the release for our representatives as requested.

London Transport Regional Council and TfL no.1 branch to be advised.

Broadsheet Created For Campaign Against Job Cuts

The RMTs new broadsheet 'We Can Stop Job Cuts' for the London Transport Region, is now available for distribution in workplaces. The RMT's London Region acting Regional Secretary said "Please could representatives make arrangements for collection accordingly for direct distribution into workplaces in accordance with the General Grades Committee’s decision. When you come, you will find a collection sheet and you are asked to put your name and workplace on it just so we know where the papers have gone.

TfL Reps To Meet To Discuss LUL Staff Transfers

We note the correspondence from TfL on this matter. We further note that there are several outstanding issues concerning this employer, and that our branch has as yet been unable to provide a response.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to convene a meeting with our TfL reps on or before Monday 28 January and to place a report of this meeting in front of us.

London Transport Regional Council and TfL no.1 branch to be advised.

Your Right To Be Paid Annual Leave During Sickness

From General Secretary Bob Crow

In my circular No NP/185/12 dated 10th August 2012 (Sick Workers and Annual Leave Ref: LA/185/12) I set out members’ entitlement to receive payment or carry over their leave entitlement where they had been unable to take this due to illness.

This was as a result of the decision of the Court of Appeal that, regardless of whether a worker is employed by a public or private employer, if a worker is unable or unwilling to take the four weeks’ annual leave conferred by regulation 13 of the Working Time Regulations owing to sickness (i) he or she must be allowed to take it at another time

TfL Market Testing Explained

RMT National Policy Department briefing – What is market testing?

In the early 1990s, the Conservative government introduced a policy of market testing public services in central government, testing their efficiency by exposing them to competition from external providers. It was less relevant whether the service was actually contracted to the private sector, but rather that it was subjected to competitive challenge.

However, it is typically used to open the door to privatisation.