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TFL1 and LU MATS Branch Meetings

TFL1 and LU MATS (LU Managers and admin) branch meetings are held upstairs, 17.00-19.30. Every 2nd Monday of each month in The Crown public house. 105 Blackfriars Rd. 5 mins walk right out of the Southwark Station

12th Jan, 9th Feb, 9th March, 13th April, 11th May, 8th June, 13th July, 10th Aug, 14th Sept, 12th Oct, 9th Nov, 14th Dec AGM

Find out what is happening in your work area and across London. Have your say and experience RMT’s ‘Unity is strength.

Paul Rutland: Branch Secretary 0794 187 7966

Nominations open for LU MATS Rep

Roy Carey has recently stood down from the role of MATS Rep for Tfl No.1 & LU MATS Branch on 11th May 2015.

The Branch has elected DTSM Lorna Tooley in the interim

We would like to open this position for nominations (for MATS LU Operational grades only)

The nominee must be in attendance at the next meeting to be held on 8th June 5pm at The Crown Pub, 108 Blackfriars Roadd, London SE1 8HW

Please notify Branch Secretary Paul Rutland or Branch Chair Linda Wiles

TfL Unions - Working Together On Pay

Unions in TfL are making concerted efforts to schedule pay talks with TfL management, although no dates have yet been confirmed.

Over the last two weeks TfL Unions have held over twenty well-attended workplace meetings on pay across TfL, with more still to take place in the London Transport Museum and Dial-A-Ride. Feedback from members and non-members at these meetings tells us that the key aspects of this year’s pay talks are:

  • A negotiated, consolidated pay rise for all employees
  • Pay comparability across all parts of TfL

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

Our cleaners all over the combine are having to contend with bullying and intimidating managers who routinely abuse agreed policies and procedures including;

• Grievances unheard
• pay illegally deducted
• pay slips not provided
• victimisation
• race discrimination
• targeting of RMT trade union reps for their trade union activities.

Trainers - Do Not Sign Away Your Job

Dear Colleague,

COO training reorganisation - no agreement reached with your negotiators - do not sign away your job.

I am writing to you in respect of the fit for future for trainers in LUL, this is a similar exercise by TfL to reduce staffing and save money at the expense of jobs and the service provided to the travelling public.

You may have received a briefing from management as follows:-

“At yesterday’s consultation meeting the following was discussed:

  • An update on recent appointments in the training function was provided.

Transfer of 'Prosecution Activities' From LUL to TFL


‘That we note the local processes have now concluded and we note the position. Should any issues arise from future meetings with the company the General Secretary is instructed to place these matters in front of this GGC’

TFL Revenue Protection Inspectors 2014/15 Pay deal

The new Pay Deal for the RPI’s which was negotiated and voted on by Unite.

There was a 48.57% turnout. 80.88% voted to accept the 2014/2015 pay deal.

Year 1 3% one off payment lump sum, non consolidated. 3% = £1120.32
Reduction in sick pay to 95%.

Year 2 3% consolidated increase plus shift allowance £1,300
If sickness target is met it will return to 100% if it falls it will drop to 90%