TfL Pay Update

TfL Company Council update – 1 September 2015 We are fighting for fair and equal pay at TfL - All unions present at today’s talks rejected management’s latest offer of a £1.5 million pot equating to 0.75% of the pay bill - We continue to seek clarity on the proposed distribution of the base pay pot - Negotiations continue around pay for band 1 employees on spine point 14 - We continue to press for clarity on the size of the pot for non-consolidated ‘performance awards’ - Progress is being made on additional items including fair and equal pay, wellness, flexible working and work-life balance, promotion and development, and the use of non-permanent labour This afternoon, your trade union representatives met with TfL management to discuss a number of issues, focusing on negotiations relating to pay for 2014/15. Management’s proposals for pay band 1 employees are: - Employees on spine point 14 will receive a non-consolidated payment of £175 if we agree that they will transfer to Pay for Performance. - Pay band 1 employees above threshold are not entitled to a consolidated pay increase, but may receive a non-consolidated performance award. These are not acceptable. Management’s current proposals for distribution of the £1.5 million base pay pot would mean: - Employees in pay bands 2-3 who receive a rating of 2 or 3 and who are in Zone A and B will receive a base pay rise of between 0 and 0.75% - Employees in pay bands 2-3 who receive a rating of 4 or 5 and who are in Zone A and B will receive a base pay rise of between 1.5 and 3% - All other pay band 2 and 3 employees are unlikely to receive any consolidated rise in base pay. This is clearly unacceptable and does nothing to reward the efforts of hard-working staff. We continued to press TfL on the value of the non-consolidated performance awards (bonuses) and matters relating to affordability i.e. the use of NPL and senior managers’ pay. Every union present at the talks rejected management’s offer and made it clear that employees want an agreement on pay that offers parity with colleagues in LU and also reflects recent consolidated pay awards across the transport sector. Our next meeting with management is due to take place on 14 September 2015. Please feel free to share this information with your workplace colleagues. Published 1 September 2015 by the Company Council Reps of the Joint TfL Trades Unions.

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