Union representatives

How representation is organised, and what the Regional Council is doing to support workplace reps, provide information and training, etc

Resolution: Procedure to be Followed before Representing Members

Finsbury Park has submitted the following resolution to the January meeting of the Regional Council, but withdrew it during the debate.

In order to guarantee only members of the R.M.T. union are represented, the following procedure must be adhered to by all representatives (Reps) of the branch.

Step 1

When a member of staff approaches the local Rep requiring representation, the Rep first explains to the individual that they (the Rep) need to contact the R.M.T. head office membership department to ensure the individual is in benefit, and therefore, a member of the union.

RMT Fights For Fair Representation

... But LUL and ASLEF don’t want to know

From 'RMT On The Trains' newsletter, August 2008

Some RMT driver members are having to make do without a local rep due to the collusion between LUL and Aslef to exclude RMT reps from Hammersmith, Barking (H&C), Stratford and Loughton. At Loughton, Aslef only have a dozen members and have a local rep, we have 42 members but no rep.