Resolution: Procedure to be Followed before Representing Members

Finsbury Park has submitted the following resolution to the January meeting of the Regional Council, but withdrew it during the debate.

In order to guarantee only members of the R.M.T. union are represented, the following procedure must be adhered to by all representatives (Reps) of the branch.

Step 1

When a member of staff approaches the local Rep requiring representation, the Rep first explains to the individual that they (the Rep) need to contact the R.M.T. head office membership department to ensure the individual is in benefit, and therefore, a member of the union.

In order to do this the Rep needs the full name of the individual and their membership number. If they do not have their membership number then their date of birth will suffice.

Step 2

The Rep rings Unity House (R.M.T. head office) on 0207 387 4771 and asks to be put through to the membership department. Once through, the Rep gives the department the following information: • the individuals full name • their membership number or date of birth and • asks the department if they are in fact a member, whether they are listed under the Finsbury Park (0543) branch?

The membership department will then confirm with the Rep one of three replies:

1) The person is not in benefit and not a member of the union and can not be represented by the Rep. 2) The person is in benefit and can be represented by the Rep and is located on the Finsbury Park branch list. 3) The person is in benefit and therefore a member and can be represented by the Rep, but presently the member is located on another branch list. In this case the Rep asks the individual to complete a L.U.L. Branch to Branch Transfer form (Overleaf) and gives the form to the Membership Secretary as soon as possible, so we can transfer the individual into the correct branch.