Union representatives

How representation is organised, and what the Regional Council is doing to support workplace reps, provide information and training, etc

What Does A Union Learner Rep Do?

For more information about Union Learner Reps in London speak with your branch secretary or contact Sharon Allen.

Interested in becoming a Union Learning Representative?

"RMT takes education very seriously and we know how education empowers people to become activists, to move on in their careers and take control in their personal lives. The ULR role is vital in supporting members in the workplace to take up worthwhile, enjoyable and sometimes life changing learning opportunities." - Bob Crow, General Secretary.

RMT Letter Of Support For Bob Carnegie Campaign

The RMT's General Secretary Bob Crow & President Peter Pinkney have written to the "Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign" to voice the unions solidarity with the campaign to get all charges against Bob Carnegie dropped.

Bob Carnegie faces several charges after organising a 'community protest' at a construction site in Australia. You can read details of the case on the campaign website here.

The Letter
The Secretary
Bob Carnegie Defence Campaign
Queensland Australia

Celebrating our Victories- defending our members

The Past we Inherit the Future we Build.- celebrating successful disputes

With the attacks to our terms and conditions its important to remember what we have inherited through members sticking together. A tried and tested stratergy which works.

Attached are some materials for your consideration and circulation in this special week.


Enormous RMT Success On Jubilee Line

Following the de-recognition of trains side rep Jason Moriarty the RMT has once again had fantastic success. Before the de recognition there was only one RMT train rep position for the east end of the Jubilee line, now there is TWO!

We now have

  • 1 Rep position at North Greenwich AND 1 Rep position at Stratford
  • 1 rep + 1 rep = 2 reps

There is an increase of RMT Train IR rep numbers from 33 to 34.

Rickmansworth Group News: Ticket office Discrepancies

Neasden Branch
Rickmansworth Group

Jared Wood, Industrial Relations Rep
To RMT Members,
11 Oct 2012
Ticket Office Discrepancies

As a new batch of surplus/loss letters have just gone out I am re-circulating the attached pro-forma memo for you to use in response to any letter you receive.
If you know a discrepancy has arisen because of machine failure or similar then write your own memo giving this information. If you do not know why a discrepancy has occurred I suggest you use the attached.
All the best,

Workers' Education Association Course For 2012 / 2013

To apply for any of these course, the leaflet of courses and an application form is attached below

At the WEA we offer a range of union courses for reps of all experiences and backgrounds. Our courses are free for union reps and are accredited through time in the classroom and workplace activities. Workplace reps, shop stewards, H&S reps and learning reps all have a legal right to attend without loss of earnings.

NB: for all courses listed below WEA are running two separate courses on each day – a General course and a course specifically for those who work on London Underground.

All courses listed , unless otherwise stated, run from 9.30am to 4.30pm

RMT Takes Out High Court Defamation Action Against Boris Johnson Over Election Poster Campaign

RMT today took out a High Court defamation action against Boris Johnson over his Not Ken Again poster campaign which falsely portrays RMT General Secretary as having caused grave harm to the interests of Londoners and as part of and someone who supports a culture of political immorality.

An RMT spokesman said;

RMT Pursues Fair Representation for Fleet Grades

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our LU Fleet branch. We also note that this issue was addressed on 30 January, under the heading REPRESENTATION OF FLEET GRADES (HSR/4/2), instructing the General Secretary to raise this item with London Underground Ltd in line with the resolution from LU Fleet branch.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  • obtain a report on the union’s progress in raising this issue with LUL, and place this report in front of us