Union representatives

How representation is organised, and what the Regional Council is doing to support workplace reps, provide information and training, etc

Thales Reps' Election

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we welcome the Senior AGS's report that Thales has agreed to hold the election for the vacant reps' position within 2-3 weeks. Should there be any indication that this timetable may slip, this matter to be placed back in front of us.

We refer this matter to our Southern Sub-Committee for further examination and report.

London Underground Functional Council election results

The following have been elected to serve as functional council representatives, January 2011 to December 2013

  • Trains Council: Glenroy Watson (Finsbury Park branch)
  • Stations and Revenue Council: Mac McKenna (Hammersmith & City branch) & John Reid (Camden 3 branch)
  • Service Control Council (SO 4 seat): Michael Livingstone (Piccadilly & District West)

Resolution - Annual one-day meetings of reps

This resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and seconded by East Ham branch, was carried unanimously at January 2011 meeting of the Regional Council:

The London Transport Regional Council resolves to convene annual one-day meetings for all reps in each function in London Underground (operational), and similarly for health & safety reps in each function.

We believe that these will be very useful events for discussing issues of common concern, sharing experiences, identifying training needs, developing strategies and establishing contact between reps.

RMT Education Programme for 2011

The National Education Centre Programme – The centre (Doncaster) continues to be the focal point for our Union’s National Education Programme, within its excellent facilities, there are several courses currently scheduled throughout the year.

Click 'Read More' to find out about the courses planned for next year, or download the attached documents.

LGBT Circular, Newsletter, Reps Poster and Electronic Advert


Please find the following attached

A PDF with

An official circular inviting nominations for LGBT Reps
LGBT Rep Poster for your workplace
LGBT Newsletter 'Standing Proud'

also attached is an advert which can be placed into newsletters

and a LGBT Website Banner - to be attached to any LGBT Union Website Page.

Resolution: Training for Representatives

This resolution, submitted by Hammersmith & City line branch, proposed by Stratford no.1 branch and seconded by Neasden branch, was carried unanimously by the May meeting of the Regional Council ...

This Regional Council believes that RMT workplace representatives would benefit from an annual ‘refresher’ training day, and asks head office to request release for this from all employers.

Your Right to be Accopmanied to Disciplinary and Grievance Hearings

Section 10.1(a) of the Employment Relations Act 1999 states:

Right to be accompanied

(1) This section applies where a worker—

(a) is required or invited by his employer to attend a disciplinary or grievance hearing, and

(b) reasonably requests to be accompanied at the hearing.

(2) Where this section applies the employer must permit the worker to be accompanied at the hearing by a single companion who—

(a) is chosen by the worker and is within subsection (3),

Neasden Branch IR & Learning Reps - Who's Who


Support Abdul Omer Mohsin

On March 31st 2010, Abdul Omer Mohsin was sacked for being an effective union rep at London Sovereign. London Sovereign is owned alongside London United by the Transdev group.

Omer began working at London United in February 2003 and transferred to London Sovereign in July 2007. The wages at London Sovereign were about £4,000 a year less than those paid at London United. Omer made his colleagues aware of the huge gap in wages and began to organise a campaign for parity.