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On March 31st 2010, Abdul Omer Mohsin was sacked for being an effective union rep at London Sovereign. London Sovereign is owned alongside London United by the Transdev group.

Omer began working at London United in February 2003 and transferred to London Sovereign in July 2007. The wages at London Sovereign were about £4,000 a year less than those paid at London United. Omer made his colleagues aware of the huge gap in wages and began to organise a campaign for parity.

The drivers at Harrow and Edgware garages rejected a pay offer in 2008 and voted to strike. Omer was elected as the Unite union rep for Harrow garage in October 2008.

He was encouraged to stand as the company convenor after leading a successful year of campaigning at the company. In August 2009 he was elected as the convenor for both Harrow and Edgware. A couple of weeks after his election, the management tried to impose new rotas on one of the routes at Edgware. The drivers walked out unofficially. Within hours the company agreed to negotiate any proposed changes. The company also agreed to reimburse all of the drivers involved in the unofficial action.

Following this dispute the pay talks October 2009 resulted in a timetable for significant salary increases, new agreements on pensions, bonuses and sick pay for drivers in both garages. Once the timetable is concluded, drivers at London Sovereign will have parity with those at London United.


When the racist English Defence League tried to march on the Harrow mosque in September 2009, he called on the drivers to support the Unite Against Fascism counter mobilisation.

In Harrow garage, the demonstration was advertised on the noticeboard. Twenty drivers were mobilised for the counter protest. The demo was a success and was one of the proudest days of Omer's life.

In September the company removed the UAF poster and it took until November to get it back. An incident followed involving the poster which resulted in him being suspended. No action was taken against him and he was reinstated.

A week after his return in February 2010, he represented a black engineer from Harrow garage who alleged he faced racial harassment. The company agreed to organise a race awareness course in the engineering department, so clearly there's a problem. The engineer's grievance alleged institutional racism. Omer challenged the company's line of questioning and attitude to racism at the hearing. He also challenged some witnesses' account of events.

The manager accused him of intimidating witnesses. Yet none of the witnesses complained. He has been victimised for being a good and effective rep. He has helped and assisted all who asked for his help, a number of whom were RMT london busworkers and he deserves our unreserved help and support.

His appeal against dismissal hearing on Monday 26th April 2010 upheld the decision to dismiss him. He needs our help.

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