Union representatives

How representation is organised, and what the Regional Council is doing to support workplace reps, provide information and training, etc

Training: Producing a Workplace RMT Newsletter

To all RMT workplace representatives

Want to communicate more effectively with the RMT members you represent? Want to be able to report back on negotiations and other union duties, explain how management's latest plans affect your particular workplace, put together an attractive newsletter? Maybe you understand the importance of effective printed material but feel you don't have the skills to do it yourself?

Resolution: Trains Representatives Numbers

This resolution was passed by the February Regional Council meeting.

This Regional Council instructs the Regional Organiser and the Trains Functional Council representatives to enter into negotiations with LUL to revise the numbers of local trains representatives. This revision to be in line with the documentation provided by TFC member Vaughan Thomas and discussed at the Train Grades meeting held on January 6th.

Supporting information:

How RMT Functional and Safety Council Reps Are Elected

The following are the rules as agreed by the Regional Council for the election (and removal) of functional and safety council reps ...

Election of RMT Functional and Safety Council Representatives (LUL)

That this regional council recognises the changes agreed by the 2004 AGM to the election of second stage machinery of negotiation representatives and agrees the following which encompasses the AGM decision and provides additional accountability of our functional and safety council representatives.

Training for RMT Reps


Bob Crow writes ...

I have arranged a series of training courses for our elected representatives that will be held throughout the first quarter of 2010.

The courses are for our reps who have never attended a five day RMT residential before.

Our ‘General Reps Course’ focuses on the role of an RMT rep and cover all the basics including recruitment & retention, providing advocacy at disciplinary and grievance hearings and negotiation.

Training workshop: local negotiating meetings

Venue: Exmouth Arms, Star Cross Street, Euston

If you are a local rep, find out how to make the most of your regular local ("level one") meetings with management - finding out members' issues, arguing the case with your manager, what to do if you disagree, feeding back to members, using your role to build the union and its strength in the workplace. This training workshop, led by Malcolm Taylor, Staff-Side Secretary of London Underground's Stations & Revenue Council, is a must for all local representatives.