How RMT Functional and Safety Council Reps Are Elected

The following are the rules as agreed by the Regional Council for the election (and removal) of functional and safety council reps ...

Election of RMT Functional and Safety Council Representatives (LUL)

That this regional council recognises the changes agreed by the 2004 AGM to the election of second stage machinery of negotiation representatives and agrees the following which encompasses the AGM decision and provides additional accountability of our functional and safety council representatives.

Representatives will be elected by means of a block vote of all RMT LUL branches conducted on the following basis:

  • Using the first past the post system.
  • Each branch vote will be according to the total number of positions available on each council
  • Each branch can nominate candidates to the maximum number of positions available on each council.
  • Each branch can vote for the full number of positions that are available for each relevant council.

Each branch vote will be allocated on the basis of the total number of members, for example - 700 branch members will equal 700 votes for each candidate as voted by the branch.

Functional council members will be elected on the basis of the total number of block votes that they receive from all RMT LUL branches.

The terms of office of those elected shall be:

  • Each Stations and Trains Functional and Safety Council representative will be elected for a maximum period of 3 years with the proviso that after this period the representative will be excluded from standing for re-election for 1 year.
  • Each service control and MATS functional and safety council representative will be election for 3 years, and will then be eligible to stand for reelection.

The resolution then set out detailed transition arrangements, which have now expired.

In the event of a vote of no confidence of any council representative by two thirds of the LTRC branches being recorded at two subsequent LTRC meetings, an election for their position will be organised immediately.

The electoral process will be conducted by RMT head office for functional council representatives and by the South East Regional Office for safety council representatives. The election process must be completed so as to declare results by no later than the second Friday in CDecember. Therefore, in order to provide for a six week nomination process followed by a six week election process (if necessary), invitations for Branches to nominate will be circulated during the first full working week in September and the process will then take its course thereon after.

We further believe that given the grade specific organisational structures of our non LUL branches, that these branches continue to election their representatives from within their own separate branch structures and will not therefore participate in these elections.

To be eligible to stand for Stations or Trains Functional Council, a candidate must be an existing local industrial rep or existing functional rep.

To be eligible to stand for Stations or Trains Health and Safety Council, a member must be an existing local Health & Safety rep or existing Health and Safety Council rep.

Once elected to these Councils, the local Branch may decide to replace the Council member with another elected local rep for their period of office.

This region resolves that the same rules and principles of conduct and accountability shall apply to level 2 and tier 2 representatives in all non-management areas and grade, including the control function.