Meetings and events

Meeting: Defend Gary Carney

Dear Colleagues

As you will know, Vaughan Thomas of Trains Functional Council has advised you all of a zoom meeting organised for this Friday 16th April at 11.15 hours in order to address Gary Carney’s dismissal situation.  The purpose of this message is to urge all representatives to try and attend and thus ensure maximum turnout. I would also like to make known to you details of the National Executive Committee’s decision on this matter giving rise to this meeting.

Safety, Equality, Solidarity!

Safety, Equality, Solidarity! 

The RMT London Transport Region is hosting a panel focusing on women’s health and safety in the workplace, for International Workers Memorial Day.

The event will take place at 5pm on the 28th April. There are more details in the attached flyer.

Please join us, a link to the meeting will be available soon.

UN anti-racism day: defend the right to protest

Dear Colleague,


The UN Anti-Racism Day of action this Saturday 20 March comes in the wake of the shocking events of the last few days.

The police response to the Clapham Common vigil for Sarah Everard - and now a new policing bill - are signs that the government is using the Covid19 crisis to attack the right to peaceful protest.

Meeting called for RMT women to discuss women's safety

The death of Sarah Everard and subsequent murder charge against serving Met Police officer Wayne Couzens has brought the issue of women's safety into sharp focus. This issue very much affects women in public transport, both as passengers and specifically as workers.

It is important that RMT London Transport Region takes up this issue in the way that its women members want it to.

Night Tube drivers' meeting

The RMT trains functional council has organised a meeting to discuss Night Tube issues.

This meeting, for all drivers and in particular Night Tube drivers', will follow an important meeting your union has with senior LUL management on the future of Night Tube.

All drivers are encouraged to attend. For the Zoom login details speak to a local rep, or contact us at

Please see the attached newsletter for more information of the issues being discussed.

Station staff Night Tube meeting

  • Please download the attached poster for Zoom meeting details. 

The recent TfL financial review has made it clear to all London Underground members that we are all going to have to fight hard for our jobs, terms and conditions, pensions and benefits. The government, the Mayor’s office and London Underground management are determined that the financial burden of the COVID 19 crisis will fall on London’s workers in general and on London Underground staff in particular.

Neasden branch meeting

  • Please download the attached poster for more information. You can also print and display it in your Neasden branch workplace.

Meetings will start 16.00 and be held on Zoom until we can return to physical meetings which will be held  at The Torch Public House Wembley Park.

All members welcome (dates may be subject to change due to events at Wembley stadium).

Meeting Dates

Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 17th February

Wednesday 17 th March

Wednesday 21st April

Wednesday 19th May