Reminder: This Saturday - 'After COVID - Demand a New Normal!'

Dear colleagues,


Reminder: This Saturday - 'After COVID - Demand a New Normal!' - People's Assembly National Demonstration


Saturday 26 June: Assemble 12 Noon - Portland Place. March to Parliament Square (


This Saturday sees the People's Assembly national demonstration 'After COVID - Demand a New Normal!'. I'm writing to remind you all that RMT is fully supportive of this demonstration and I encourage you to help us make it too big to ignore. In all the industries we represent we face a widening assault from this government and our employers as they attempt to use the Covid pandemic as a smokescreen to impose a new round of austerity on transport workers and, while they're at it, settle old scores with our union.


All over the country in every sector, wherever we look, working people are expected to pay the price while fat cat businesses expect to keep raking in the profits. That's why, as we build our industrial response to the attacks on our members, we also have to support the struggles of other working people around us. We genuinely are all in it together and if we're united, we're far stronger.


It's not just about resistance. The crisis has also shown us that we have an opportunity to build a 'new normal' - a society which works for its people. But that won't be handed to us. We have to create the power and the momentum to make it possible.


RMT is affiliated to the People's Assembly, an organisation we played a key role in founding, that was formed to build the fight against austerity. On Saturday, we will send a message to the government that we will meet their attack on us and on all working people with a mass movement.


Everything we've ever won we've had to fight for. I hope to see you with the RMT on the 26th.


Full details are here:

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch
General Secretary